Wood Floor Repairs Victoria Park Florida

Replacing Solid Oak Floors


Replacing water damaged solid 4" wide solid oak planks. The old planks are surgically cut out, the area is cleaned and prepped and a new plank is installed. Hardwood flooring, and wood floor repairs are just some of the services we offer our customers in the Fort Lauderdale area.

After Installations And Sanding


This is the same room as the picture to the left. The floor is repaired, sanded, buffed, cleaned and three coats of natural finish is applied.

Red Oak Floor Repair


Red oak floors being replaced with new oak floors in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.

Termite Damaged Floor Repair


Damaged termite 2" inch floor planks being replaced with new wood floor planks in Oakland Park. Once the planks are installed they are then sanded and refinished with our in home dustless sanding system.

Cypress Wood Floor Repair


Beautiful cypress solid floors being replaced in Plantation Florida. Replacing damaged or missing floor planks is crucial in the wood flooring restoration process.

Restored Cypress Hardwood Floors


Beautifully sanded and naturally coated wood floors in Plantation. 


Best hardwood floor repairs in south florida

Common Floor Repairs Found In Most Residential Homes


Flooring Repairs

One of our specialties here at True Quality Wood Flooring is flooring  repair. Many people assume they should completely replace their floor  when it’s lost its luster or suffered a few scratches. But in many  cases, a repair can remedy the problem and get your floors looking beautiful again. For flooring repair in Fort Lauderdale, choose True Quality Wood Flooring, where we bring years of experience to every job we take on.

Common Types of Flooring Repairs

Many home and business owners are plagued by common flooring problems that require repair. From water damage to scratches, there are several reasons why you may require a repair to your wood flooring. Here are just a few:


A buckled floor arises when the boards start to warp and lift from the sub-floor. This is usually the result of water damage. That moisture can deform the edges of the wood and cause uneven surfaces throughout.


Also known as sagging, warping hardwood floors are the result of  serious moisture problems and should be addressed right away. The source  of moisture will have to be fixed first before any repair can be done.


Cupping is also referred to as washboarding, which slowly develops  across the width of the wood strip where the edges of the planks rise  and the middle of the board dips. This is also due to a moisture imbalance,  as there is more water on the bottom side of the wood than the top.  You’ll have to balance out the humidity levels to allow your flooring to  return to normal. Once stabilized, we can sand and re-finish it.

Splitting or Cracking

It’s not uncommon for hardwood to get splits or cracks in  the surface. Usually, angled nails and some wood putty will do the  trick to secure the two pieces together. Larger cracks, though, may  require refinishing.


Gaps commonly develop between planks. That’s because wood shrinks  when it dries and expands when it is wet. This expansion and contraction  lead to gaps between planks. Try the dime test. If you can’t fit a dime  in the gap, the condition is normal and will change as the weather  does. 

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Hardwood Floor Repairs Restorations Sanding Pompano Beach

Sanding Solid Wood Floors


Sanding solid wood floors in Hollywood. A 40 grit sand paper is used to remove the gunk and aged finish. A rough grit is used to remove the old finish and imperfections. Then a smoother grit paper is used to smooth everything out.

Laminate Wood Floor Installation


Laminate flooring being installed on a staircase to match the laminate floor on the second floor in Weston, Hollywood, Victoria Park and Fort Lauderdale. Hardwood floor installations and wood floor repairs are our specialty.

Grey Laminate Flooring


Beautiful modern grey laminate floor installation in Davie Florida. The carpeting and padding were removed and a brand new modern floating floor was installed.

Restoring Pine Wood Floors


Resanded original Miami Dade pine wood floors in Ft. Lauderdale. This is very rare and elegant species of wood flooring in South Florida. Have this type of species is a novelty in South Florida.

Screening Engineered Floors


Screening and buffing engineered wood floors in preparation for a re-coat in Fort Lauderdale. Surface scratches and scuff marks are removed and then the floors are cleaned and re-coated with a natural clear coat finish.

Custom Pattern Floor Staining


Custom staining wood floor borders throughout entire room in Pompano Beach. We can custom stain borders, rails or any other flooring decoration to your liking.